Lybarger Memorial Association

Lybarger Church on state Highway 96, between Cumberland and Medford, PA

Lybarger Church on state Highway 96, between Cumberland and Medford, PA

Since all of us trace back to high and humble beginnings, if the facts were known; and since every living soul has about as many ancestors ten, twenty, thirty generations back as the next fellow, we stand on equal footing…The fact that [they] accomplished something reflects no credit on us, unless by reason of their good example we go out and do likewise. 
Donald F. Lybarger
History of the Lybarger Family, 1959

The Lybarger Descendants
In this extensive genealogy, the Lybarger Memorial Association (LMA) documents more than 20,000 Lybargers living in the U.S. today who are descendants of one of the three sons of Nikolaus and Maria Catharina Leyenberger who emigrated to America from the Rhineland in 1739. Now available on CD from the LMA, produced by John Lavern Lybarger and Lee Hartshorne Lybarger.

LMA publishes the newsletter Lybarger Linkages for LMA members, and holds at annual meeting at the Lybarger Church in Old Madley, Pennsylvania.

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5 thoughts on “Lybarger Memorial Association

  1. Robert E. McFarland says:

    Hi. I’m not sure how to best connect with the Lybarger family. My name is Robert E. McFarland, Jr.. I was born in Cumberland in 1953. I know that the Lybargers and McFarlands are related, but I am not sure how closely? I know that there are McFarlands buried in the Lybarger Cemetery.

    M y great great grandfather was John Alexander McFarland of Charlestown, Virginia (West Virginia).. I have recently become acquainted with him and want to fill-in the missing parts. He came out to California during the gold rush. There are some letters from him to his wife (my great great grandmother) Eliza, back east. But they lost track of each other and his last letter to her in 1857 was written 8 months after she passed.

    I am trying to piece together John and Eliza’s lives. Are there Lybarger family records that might help me better understand our connection and their history?

    Thanks – Bob McFarland (916) 768-9800

  2. Carol Montrose says:

    Jenifer, I’m the LMA newsletter editor, would be glad to have you write an article on your Lybargers, their ancestors, children, stories etc. or ??? related to any Lybarger family.


  3. Georgia lybarger says:

    Hi! So i was adding more to my ancestory tree and doing some research and discovered im related by blood to the leyenbergers and ludwick lybarger and after doing a few google searches im stunned to have found so much info on my family background! Id be interested to speak with anyone who may be related to me/them as well and know more info because id like to learn more about my familys history. Also- so is the lybarger family kind of famous or? Idk haha this is all so crazy to me.

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