My memoir is a WORK IN PROGRESS

Jenny welcomed in the Ukraine, Aug. 1988

The current title is After a Little Rain on Thursday, a Ukrainian idiom similar to the English idiom “after a month of Sundays.” Both idioms refer to long-shot chances, when delay is likely, when success is probably out of reach.

I learned the idiom when I participated in the second Soviet-American Peace Walk in 1988, walking and camping our way from Odessa to Kiev, traveling through the Ukraine at harvest time. I had come in order to meet “the enemy.” Instead, I met generous and curious people, eager to take us into their modest houses and apartments. I felt eerily at ease ten thousand miles from my home, forgiven for my limited Russian vocabulary because of my enthusiasm and invariable American optimism. My high tech gear and nice boots evoked awe. Their ready friendship evoked my awe and gratitude. In most ways our lives and expectations in life were very different, but our hearts weren’t.

Read an excerpt from Abaldyeno, the chapter on my arrival in the Soviet Union, published in Memory Into Memoir: An Anthology, edited by Red Wheelbarrow Writers, Bellingham, WA. Penchant Press International, 2016.


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